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Our Mission

Acronus LLC Technology's mission is to develop IT solutions that provide maximum security and control over computers.
Its aim is to produce tools of simple handling, but with complex and powerful systems invisible to the users.
Founded in the year 2000 from the development of the program ScanCool Lan, has not stopped growing. This growth is due to the wide functionality of its software and hardware, which reaches a very high level of reliability thanks to the partnerships with over one hundred companies that help in the process of improvement.
Through an extensive testing process, they guarantee excellent quality programs, with patents registered at INPI, National Institute of Industrial Property.
Its systems are in large companies and educational institutions such as SENAC, OBJETIVO, ESPM, GRUPO BIMBO, OAB, AMEREPAM-SP, AGOSTINIANO SÃO JOSÉ COLLEGE, City Halls, Libraries and among others, besides hundreds of LAN Houses and some international clients around the world, evidencing the high Security that your software and hadwares provide and the competent company.

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